19 Marketing Quick Wins: Boost Your Business Without Breaking the Bank

Marketing quick wins

Starting and marketing a business is exhausting. You’ll have to spend time, money, and effort to get it right. 

 You’ve got bills to pay, employees to hire, and customers to woo.

And if you have investors, they’ll want to see that your efforts are paying off before investing more in your business.

Sure, businesses need long-term digital marketing strategies, but those take a lot of patience and commitment. So consider these marketing quick wins before you go too far down that rabbit hole. They’ll help you build momentum and get your business off the ground quickly.

Content marketing quick wins

Just because content marketing is a long-term game doesn’t mean you can’t aim for some quick results.

Use Google Search Console to find the low hanging keywords

1) Go to ‘Overview’ in Google Search Console and open the performance report.

fast results with easy keywords

2) Now click on ‘queries’ to see all the keywords your site is ranking for in organic search.

long tail keywords

3) Click on ‘Filter by Position.’ Filter queries greater than position 10. This essentially gives you all the keywords on page two of Google.

Filter queries by position

4) Sort ascending to see keywords closest to page one first.

Sort keywords

5) Browse through these keywords and choose those you haven’t used in your blog posts and are valuable to your business.

6) Add the keywords to the pages that best suit them and optimize the page for these queries. You can do this by adding them as page headers or within the body text.

Step up your on-page SEO optimization game

Improve your striking distance pages (pages ranked between positions 11 and 20) for your focus keyword. It’s important to optimize your content with relevant keywords and topics. You can use a content optimization tool to make this step easier. These AI-driven SEO tools go through the search engine results and suggest topics to cover in your blog post based on the top-ranking pages. 

Here’s a comparison of MarketMuse, Frase, and Surfer SEO – the three most popular SEO tools. I have also written a review of Outranking.io, which is a relatively new but effective tool.

Win those featured snippets

There are several types of featured snippets. Here are some of the common ones.

  • Paragraphs
  • Numbered lists
  • Bulleted lists
  • Tables
  • Answer with image
  • Video

Here’s an easy way to find featured snippets to go after.

1) Go to site explorer on Ahrefs. Enter your domain and run a search.

2) Click on Organic keywords

Filter organic keywords

3) Click on SERP features.

Filter keywords by SERP features

4) Filter featured snippets. You’ll now see all the keywords that contain featured snippets.

Improve your click-through rate (CTR)

Find pages with low CTR and experiment with different meta titles. You can compare different periods to see if a title change helped to improve your CTR.

easy wins in marketing by improving CTR

Repurpose Your Existing Content

Take your best piece of content and repurpose it into other formats like infographics, videos, or an email course. Make sure you distribute the new content through different social channels, like Facebook and Twitter. If you have several blog posts on the same topic, you can combine them to create a high-value guide and use that to generate leads

Content upgrades and exit pop up forms

Another way to build your email list fast is to add content upgrades to your best-performing pages. It’s crucial to offer a content upgrade that’s relevant to the blog post. For example, offer a brand voice template if you talk about the importance of having a consistent brand voice. Set up goals in Google Analytics to track conversions from the various content upgrades you create.

Here’s an example from the Optin Monster blog offering a downloadable cheat sheet of 700+ power words on a blog that discusses how power words can improve conversion rates.

Content upgrade to increase conversion rates

Identify the gaps in the customer journey

Run a content audit to take account of your current inventory. An effective inbound marketing strategy will have content for all stages of the customer journey. Create content to answer all the important questions your customer might have throughout their buyer’s journey.

SEO quick wins

Secure those low hanging backlinks

While you can get a fair amount of relevant traffic without building links, you’ll still need them if you’re in a competitive market. A successful PR link-building or content marketing campaign requires considerable resources in terms of marketing content, technology, and effort. Since this post is about quick marketing wins, let’s focus on the easy wins. These would be your local directories, review sites, social media profiles, and industry blogs. Writing guest posts is also a great way to build links and relationships.

Easy backlinks unlinked mentions 

Use Ahrefs content explorer or Google search to find unlinked brand mentions. For example, a search with your keyword filtering out your domain results should give you a list of external domains mentioning your brand name. 

Find which of these domains mentions your brand keyword but doesn’t include a link to your site. Now reach out to these sites and request to link back to your website.

Easy technical fixes

A clean, error-free site and a solid technical foundation will make it easier for Google to crawl and understand your website. Tools like Screaming Frog and Sitebulb can help you find and fix technical errors. Fixing broken links, avoiding thin content pages, having a good site architecture, and having good schema markup are some of the basic technical fixes you can do. 

Optimize Your Website for conversions

The design of your website impacts your content marketing, so make sure it’s optimized to maximize the return on your inbound marketing efforts. Here are a few ways to increase your conversion rates:

  • Optimize your website speed:  Users expect web pages to load instantly; if your page takes too long to load, they’ll bounce faster than a basketball in an NBA game. 
  • A/B test everything: Split test headlines, button colors, offers, CTAs, and anything else you think might make a difference.
  • Clarify your message: A clear brand message is more important than most small business owners think. Your messaging tells your customers the kind of experience they can expect from your brand. Use your homepage to tell your brand story. Your images, illustrations, CTAs, and the voice and tone of your brand should all reflect the essence and personality of your brand. Otherwise, you risk confusing customers.

Advertising quick wins

Use remarketing

Retargeting is a great way to target customers who visited your website but didn’t convert. You can create ads based on which pages website visitors viewed on your site. Retargeted ads allow you to reach your target audience while keeping the cost down. 

Set up automation to scale winning ads

Businesses often lack the time and resources to test and monitor different ad formats, marketing angles and targeting options. So use automation and smart scaling strategies to increase ad spending on top-performing ads and turn off losing ads.

Marketing quick wins: Lead generation and growth hacking

Referral traffic

Referral marketing is one of the easiest ways to get prospective customers to try your product or service. For example, Dropbox grew 3,900% in 15 months using referral marketing. You don’t have to use a complex referral program as Dropbox did. You can run a giveaway or use a simple referral tool instead. You can offer referral incentives to existing customers if you have a high-ticket product or service.

Collaborate with micro-influencers

Influencer marketing is a great way to get exposure if you don’t have an email list or audience.

Quick wins in online marketing by influencer collaborations

If you cater to a niche group, collaborations with big influencers can turn out to be expensive and sometimes a swing and a miss. That’s because their audiences are broad, and they might not be the best fit for your brand. That’s why if you’re a smaller brand, you might want to consider using micro-influencers in your marketing strategy. Make sure you analyze and track the effectiveness of each influencer for lead generation.

Add social sharing buttons

Writing valuable content doesn’t always get the job done; sometimes, you’ve to nudge people to do what you want them to do. For example, adding social media share buttons to your blog posts makes it much easier for people to spread the word about your products and services. You can also set up time-based triggers to ask readers to share the article if they enjoyed it.

Google My Business profile

Lead generation with Google My Business

If you’re a local business, setting up a Google My Business (GMB) listing is critical because it helps you appear in search engines. In addition, it gives prospective clients information about your business like client reviews, business hours, contact info, images, and so on. It also increases your chances of showing up in the local map pack.

Use social proof to increase conversions

Most customers read reviews before they make a purchase decision. Here’s an example of Pat Flynn using social proof on his website landing page. He includes a GIF of testimonials and results from his students. That’s a good way to build trust with a first-time visitor. In addition, he has strategically incorporated testimonials from people from different backgrounds.

Social proof example

Marketing automation

Use marketing automation to become more efficient and create more touchpoints with your customers. Email nurture sequences, social media posting, and forwarding a marketing qualified lead to your sales team are some of the basic marketing automation you can set up.

Engage your employees to build brand awareness

Your employees can be your biggest ambassadors, so tap into them to amplify your messages. Help your employees build their personal brands. Engaging employees in brand building has additional benefits – it shows you have a great culture and that your employees love your company.