How AI Impacts Email Marketing – And 5 Effective AI Email Marketing Tools To Stay Ahead

AI email marketing

In this blog post, we’ll explore the impact of AI on email marketing and look at 5 AI email marketing tools that’ll help you stay ahead of the curve. By the end of the post, you’ll know how to use artificial intelligence to enhance your email marketing strategy.

“How dare you use a technology that dilutes the sanctity of the marketing,” said the purist marketer — right before he saw the results and discreetly signed up for an AI email marketing tool himself.

Many people shy away from using artificial intelligence in email marketing and other digital marketing channels because they believe AI will take away the “human” element of marketing.

But that’s not the case. AI can actually help you do your job better. Smart marketers use AI-based email marketing to automate tedious and time-consuming tasks, so they can focus on more important (and interesting) things. If you don’t adapt, you’ll get left behind. It’s that simple.

The impact of artificial intelligence on email marketing

AI has a significant impact on email marketing. Research shows that businesses relying on AI have seen a lift in their revenue. More and more email marketers will rely on AI to automate their workflows in the coming years. With AI automating more marketing tasks, you’ll have more time to strategize, be creative, and focus on your goals.

How is AI used in email marketing?

Artificial intelligence enhances email marketing by personalizing your communication, automatically sending triggered emails, improving deliverability, and increasing engagement. AI also plays a significant role in automation and creating a better customer experience.

With automation, emails are automatically sent based on predefined rules. Often, customer actions trigger these rules. Let’s explore the applications of AI in email marketing in more detail.

Personalized promotions and product recommendations

One of the benefits of using AI in your email marketing workflow is the ability to send highly personalized emails without having to create separate email campaigns manually. The technology can segment your audience and send targeted messages to each group.

AI can analyze customer behavior, track engagement, and identify buying patterns. You can then use the data to create dynamic content relevant to each subscriber, moving them along the customer journey.

For example, if you sell office supplies, a customer who bought a lot of paper could be segmented into a “heavy users” group. Then, AI can help you send targeted emails to this group with special offers. You could also send follow-up emails recommending complementary products.

You’ll most likely see a lift in sales, and your customers will love you more for not bombarding them with irrelevant promotions. It’s a win-win.

Automated split tests

Another benefit of AI-assisted email marketing is the ability to split-test different versions of your emails automatically. Using this level of automated testing allows you to find the winning combination of subject lines, images, copy, calls-to-action, and sending times without lifting a finger.

In the past, split testing was a manual and time-consuming process. You would have to manually create different versions of your email, send them out, track the results and then promote the winner. AI takes care of all that for you.

AI email marketing tools can send different versions of your email to a small subset of your list. It’ll then track the results and send the winning combination to the rest of your subscribers.

AI-generated email copy

If you’re short on time or ideas, AI can also help you generate email content. You can use AI copywriting tools to come up with ideas for your next email campaign. These tools use natural language generation (NLG) to generate human-like content.

All you need to do is enter a few parameters, such as the topic, tone, and style of your email, and AI will generate several copy variations for you. Most content generators are pre-trained on conversion copywriting principles, so you can be sure that the AI-created content will be high quality and persuasive. 

You still have to review the AI-generated email template before sending it, but it’s usually a good starting point. Using content editing tools can help get this done faster.

Finding the best timings to deliver your emails

The time an email hits your inbox can be just as important as the email itself. Analyzing past customer behavior, AI can help you find the optimum time to send your emails by analyzing past customer behavior. It’ll consider factors such as time zones, open rate, and engagement history to find the best time to ensure your emails are seen. Time zone-based scheduling is especially useful if you have a global audience. More data points mean more accurate results.

Use AI-powered email warm-up

If you don’t have a good domain reputation, chances are most of your emails will end up in the spam folder when you start a new cold email campaign. This is because Internet Service Providers (ISPs) use your domain and IP address to determine whether or not to deliver your emails to the inbox. One way they determine this is by looking at your sender reputation.

If many people mark your emails as spam, your sender reputation will suffer. You can use AI tools to counter this. AI-powered email warm-up services can help you gradually increase your sending volume while maintaining a good reputation. Such services will automatically generate emails and send them to a pool of inboxes that simulate your audience’s behavior. Once the warm-up emails hit the inbox, they’re opened, replied to, and moved around like any other email. This tells the ISPs that you’re a real person with a real audience who sends wanted emails, building up your reputation.

Some AI email marketing software can analyze the content of your email and predict the likelihood of hitting the inbox. You can use this insight to rewrite the copy until you get a good score indicating high email deliverability.

Better email subject lines with AI

Whether you’re writing cold emails or newsletters, your open rates and click-through rates ride on the effectiveness of your email subject lines. Many AI-powered email tools help you write better subject lines by using machine learning algorithms to analyze past customer behavior and learn what works best. You can even A/B test different subject lines using AI tools.

Hyper personalized content

Imagine tailoring newsletters for each one of your subscribers. Sounds brilliant, but it can be a pain to implement — unless you use AI-based email personalization software to analyze customer data and understand their preferences. These email tools can create segments based on interests, demographics, location, and past behavior. The result? Each subscriber gets highly relevant content, increasing engagement and conversion rates.

Semi automate outreach campaigns

Outreach, can’t get results with it, can’t live without it.

Unless you’re using the right tools, reaching out to potential customers or prospective partners can be time-consuming. AI email marketing software can take some of the load off your shoulders by finding the right website and contacts, automatically personalizing messages and follow-ups, and even scheduling emails.

I say semi-automate because while AI can help you automate much of the process, it still can’t do everything. You’ll need to manually review your email marketing campaigns to ensure they’re up to your standards.

AI email marketing tools (recommended)

Since we’ve already covered different ways you can use AI for email marketing, let’s take a look at some AI email marketing software.


Postaga is an AI tool that analyzes your site to find high-converting campaign ideas personalized for you. With Postaga’s Opportunity Finder, you can quickly find and connect with the right websites, bloggers, and businesses. The ease of use makes it a popular tool among affiliate marketers. And with Postaga’s AI assistant, you can easily find key snippets of information to make your emails more personal. Plus, the in-built CRM helps you track your outreach efforts and improve them over time. is the perfect platform for personalizing your newsletters and giving each subscriber a unique experience. The AI-powered platform curates content from a pool of articles based on each individual’s past engagement. Rasa’s personalized approach ensures that each person on your list receives content specifically tailored to their interests. Your members will appreciate the personalized attention, and you’ll be able to retain more subscribers with

AI-powered curation allows you to find the best content without compromising control. With full control over ad space, you’ll have more opportunities for promoting and monetizing your newsletter. You can also save a ton of time on production with Rasa’s one-time setup.


Instantly is a powerful yet easy-to-use cold emailing tool. With Instantly, you can scale your outreach efforts without worrying about your emails ending up in spam. The AI technology ensures that your emails are always delivered to the inbox by interacting positively with your emails. Because the system is powered by artificial intelligence, it’s constantly learning and optimizing email sending patterns for maximum opens and replies.


With Smartwriter.AI, you can take your outbound email marketing campaign to the next level.

It can create a list of prospective clients and contact them with customized icebreakers by evaluating their LinkedIn profiles and websites. Personalized messages will improve your open rates. You can even upload a list of prospects and get the AI writer to generate icebreakers in bulk. And it’s not just for email copy – you can also use it to create content for social media channels.


Sendinblue is a comprehensive email marketing platform that will help you automate your email marketing campaigns.

You can segment your audience and target them with personalized messages. With powerful features like A/B testing and real-time insights, you can track the performance of your campaigns and make adjustments.

You can build custom workflows to automate your email marketing tasks. With the CRM and shared inbox, you can manage and nurture your customer relationships easily.

The AI assistant will help you automate the send time for maximum impact. Sendinblue’s powerful email marketing tools, along with its integrations with major e-commerce platforms such as Shopify, and Woo Commerce, make it a valuable tool for email marketers.

Wrap up

Don’t listen to the purist marketer who worries about diluting the sanctity of his craft. Instead, try it yourself and analyze the data.

The rise of AI in email marketing is inevitable, and it’s a good thing. It’s time to put those fears to rest and embrace the opportunities that AI provides. It can help you scale your outreach efforts, personalize your messages, and find new growth opportunities. You can take your campaigns to the next level with the right AI email marketing software.